Silcom Technologies Ltd was incorporated in 1998. From producing it's first Smartcard Operating System, for technical testing and industrial cutomers, to it's current position in the mass market of GSM, Silcom has excelled in providing end to end commitment to its clients.

As a leading developer of Flash Silicon Smart Card Operating Systems, Silcom provides benifits to manuafcturers - operators and end users.

Silcom provides products and services enveloping card design, card manuafcture, personalisation, and distribution, with core competances in Operating System design and implimentation of encryption and security features


Our General Purpose Smart Card Operating System takes full advantage of the flexibility of the Flash Technology available on the Emosyn Platinum products. Resulting in card customisable by the end user without reference back to the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • Primarily supporting Flash Silicon solutions from Emosyn and Em Micro.
  • Portable to other Silicon Platforms.
  • Choice of comm’s speed 2400 – 115Kbaud.
  • Flexible File structure add, delete, modify files after manufacture.
  • Choice of Algorithms DES, 3DES, RSA, 3G Milanage.
  • Windows™ Tree Builder™ application is available for personalisation development.
  • Factory Personalisation and Programming support.
  • PCSC compiant readers are available with supporting source code examples.
  • Application development assistance is available.

The SCOS operating system is available in pre configured formats ready for deployment to the end user, or as an OEM solution with programming and personalisation data supplied under NDA to allow the manufacturer to create propriatory solutions under a general license agreement.

Variants of the SCOS OS are available with fully documented Source Code and operational documentation, to manufacturers wishing to develop their own proprietory solutions.

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