Silcom Technologies Ltd was incorporated in 1998. From producing it's first Smartcard Operating System, for technical testing and industrial cutomers, to it's current position in the mass market of GSM, Silcom has excelled in providing end to end commitment to its clients.

As a leading developer of Flash Silicon Smart Card Operating Systems, Silcom provides benifits to manuafcturers - operators and end users.

Silcom provides products and services enveloping card design, card manuafcture, personalisation, and distribution, with core competances in Operating System design and implimentation of encryption and security features


Silcom produces and supports two distinct GSM operating systems taking full advantage of the flexibility of the Flash technology available form our pertner suppliers Emosyn Platinum and EM Theseus Gold 48 & 96 smart card devices. Resulting in solutions suitable for all markets from entry level low cost through High end VAS and customised applications.

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